Week 3

The module so far has presented me with a new way of looking at customer experience and satisfaction.

By using the Affect Circumplex chart – Arousal and pleasure matrix, one is able to know how to position their products/services so as to get the desired result from the customers. This matrix simplifies the emotions and at a glance you can roughly determine if the customer will become a loyal one or not, a returning customer or not.

Another theory is the expectations and disconfirmation model of satisfaction. I thought this was an interesting approach to expectations and it did explain a number of behavioural traits among my customers in relation to technology and services provided to them. What I have learnt is that based on this model the amount of effort should not be evenly distributed to deal with expectations and more emphasis should be put into areas that count.



It was an interesting discussion held in this week’s meet up via twitter. Although I didn’t get to participate, I was able to read through and follow the flow of the conversation.
The four questions presented

  1. Discuss why customer satisfaction is important.
  2. Elaborate on the link between satisfaction and innovation?
  3. Can you think of different types of expectations that the customer might have?
  4. How do we manage expectations?

Perception of quality and emotional reactions are may not be visibly associated to satisfaction in my line of work but with careful analysis, you can see the connection.

When dealing with internal customers, reviews tend to vary as most have not worked or interacted with our services thus upon completion of the tasks, it is always interesting to read or hear their thoughts on satisfaction.

Based on the definition of expectations, the prejudgement of how well or poorly a product or service is going to perform and thus affecting the customer’s satisfaction, it does makes sense why many of the internal customers have similar scores even though they have no prior interactions.

What this means is, we as a team need to review what the customer’s expectations are so as to know where to focus our efforts so as to ensure our customers have a good satisfaction 99% of the time.


Week 1

This week’s assignment is to blog about the expectations of the module – Psychological aspects behind customer experiences.  

I would like to gain a better understanding of the psychological aspects behind customer experience, as this may help us develop better products/services for our customers or modify programs geared to improving customer experience.

Welcome to The Untitled Comic!

Hello Hello!

Welcome to my course blog!

It is normally strange for me to describe myself but in this instance, I will do my best.

I am Njoki from Nairobi, Kenya, born and raised. I like cartoons, puns, food, and time travel stories. Currently, I work with both internal and external customers, providing technical services. This is within the healthcare industry.

For the next 5 months or so, I will be studying customer experience and I am pretty excited about the course. I am hoping to get insights that will be useful and that can be implemented in the work that I do.

I am also hoping to expand my network, learn and provide my expertise to my fellow classmates.